The Playdate: Orgy or Opportunity for Smug?

Playdates are tricky when you are the queen of smug. On one hand, you want to continue working the smugtachment parenting steps because you are now in an environment where your kid is interacting, there are some delicious sharing issues that might come up and need some attention, you might have some success with setting some limits… this would all be food for smug and you could talk about it later as a smugfamily!  But here’s the problem.  It’s boring as fuck, and you can’t talk at all with your friend.

All playdates can be categorized in one of two ways: Continue reading Smug…


If Dudes had Boobs

If dudes had boobs
and dads had wombs
if chicks had dicks instead of tubes
and papas bled and lay in bed
while mommies smoked cigars instead,
these very men would surely be
the smuggest bunch at gymboree.
And mommy wars would be replaced
with something larger – in better taste –
and nursing dads would walk around
with toddlers dangling to the ground.
The laws would change, they’d take off work,
and at friday’s verbal circle jerk
these manly men would normalize,
compare in size, and strategize!
There’s nowhere fellows wouldn’t nurse
so sure they’d be of their own worth,
amid the cheer “Hip Hip Hooray!”
“What took so long?” they’d smugly say.

An uncharacteristically tame ponder:  It might be the sangria, or the day in the sun, or the sweet-but-somehow-bittersweet reality that it’s the butterbutt of my best friend’s second baby (not her first) in my arms, but tonight I realize that the days and months are passing by.  Of course.  But sometimes it hits you a little bit more than usual.  A lot has changed in our household in the last month. Suddenly my toddler is potty trained, suddenly he is okay with having a sitter play with him at our house a few mornings a week, suddenly he is talking.   Continue reading Smug…


Rave: A Shout Out to Mama’s Comfort Camp!

Any of you not have any friends? Any of you have friends but want to complain about them? Oh here’s one… anyone have KIDS and want to complain about them? Or maybe your kids have friends and you want to complain about THEM.

11044618_10153236006621264_220889725084025842_nOkay enough of that…It’s been a tough day and you need support. I want to give a shout out to a Facebook group called Mama’s Comfort Camp. Continue reading Smug…